AI Lecture Series

Digital Strategies to garner Sustainable Profit

Speaker : CEO Kasturi Bhattacharjee

Date : 10th and 11th Sept 2019

Venue : ITC Sonar, Kolkata


Details : Glimpses from CII ICT East 2019 18th Event from 10th - 11th Sept where our CEO spoke on adopting "Digital Strategies to garner Sustainable Profit".

The rapid adoption of digital technologies by clients and competitors is disrupting every industry and creating value at an accelerated pace. Advances in technology and marketing science have armed businesses with an expanded pallet of powerful digital platforms and tools with the potential to create new value, disrupt the competition, and delight clients. These highly scalable technology platforms are changing the way businesses connect with and create value for clients. They have catalyzed a wave of digital innovation by collaborating both – the new digital start-ups and legacy businesses who are using them to adapt their products, channels, and business models. These digital innovators are creating hundreds of millions of dollars of value in a matter of months with product, channel, and business model innovations that exploit the rapid adoption of these digital technology platforms and changes in business behavior.

The divide between organizations that are executing a digital strategy and those that have not started is becoming more pronounced. So, while the future may be bright for digital decision makers, there is still a sizable gap between those that know how to develop digital strategy and execution plans, and those that are lagging. CIOs that have been charged with keeping infrastructure running, supporting business processes, or addressing regulatory and compliance requirements may have difficulty determining how to get started. Organizations that don’t fear disruption in their core businesses, have never leveraged technology to competitive advantage, or are comfortable making strategic decisions without data and analytics have little motivation to sponsor digital strategies and transformation. There are clear benefits to digital programs and surveys are showing that organizations investing in digital are experiencing tangible financial outcomes. One shows that digital leaders are outperforming laggards on key 10-11 September 2019: ITC Sonar, Kolkata financial metrics like gross margin, operating margin, and profit margin. A survey of executives of financial service companies showed that over 60 percent of respondents reporting increased revenue, better customer experiences, and more innovation through their digital transformation programs. In this session, we shall hear different used cases and strategies of execution from the industry leaders.