Mr. Subhrangshu Banerjee

Mr. Subhrangshu Banerjee

On Process Technology

I have recently completed "Essentials of Machine Learning using Python" training course from AILabs, Saltlake, Kolkata. Great course. Excellent presentation by the teachers who are also very professional and helpful. The course material was extremely well organized. This course is combined with several modules which includes separate Class notes, Quiz, Assignment, Program on every module. One can have scope of hands on programming session on respective modules during the course.

I learnt a lot and hopefully will be able to use my learning in future. Thanks to the entire AILabs team.

I would like to thank AILABS very first for the entire EML course. The training was very systematic and well-organized. The material of each module was precise, stimulating and the discussions were truly inspiring. Though every module was very good I mainly enjoyed three modules - Module 3 (Python Programming Fundamentals), Module 5 (Supervised Learning) and Module 6 (Unsupervised Learning). To be very honest I had a very little knowledge in Statistics but during the session of Module 2 (Statistical Inference Basics) I learnt a lot.

Above all after each session there were some case studies, quizzes and assignments. These things helped us a lot to clarify our doubts. In my career I attended several trainings before but I can remember that very few of them having such a strong impact. I am very lucky one that I got the chance in AILABS. My sincere gratitude is to all the faculty and staff members of AILABS.