AI Lecture Series

AI & Its Socio-Economic Impact

Speaker : Mr. Ambarish Dasgupta

Date : July 13, 2018 (Friday at 6 PM - 7:30 PM)

Venue : J-3, Block-GP, Sector-V, Kolkata 700091


Details : Amid all the excitement about artificial intelligence, one thing that has the most is the impact of automation on the broader economy. We have all heard of a machine which could perform thousands of man-hours worth of legal work in minutes. Think of all the paralegal jobs at stake. IT outsourcing companies & banks are eliminating positions which can be automated, giving everybody - from the government to the parents of soon-to-be college grads - nightmares.

Soon we are likely to entrust the management of our environment, economy, security, infrastructure, food production, healthcare, and to a large degree even our personal activities, to artificially intelligent computer systems. The prospect of "turning over the keys" to increasingly autonomous systems raises many complex and troubling questions. Is our society ready for this paradigm shift?