AI Lecture Series

Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Technology lies here

Speaker : Madhurima Dutta

Date : 27th Sept 2019

Venue :MCKV Engineering College Liluah


Details : Glimpses from MCKV Institute of Engineering on 27th September 2019 Event where our Teaching Assistant, Madhurima Dutta, spoke on "Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Technology lies here".

The Future of AI is brighter than any other technology. Robots and AI-powered machines will reduce the human burden and make our lives easier. Businesses are taking advantage of AI to become global giants in the tech savvy world. The applications of AI are now a part of our daily life. Siri, Cortana, Google Now are real-world examples of how AI is integrated into our life. Apart from these video games, healthcare, film making, software development, all industries are widely using AI.

The future belongs to AI and therefore with increasing demands, comes the increasing opportunities in the Job market. With more and more job roles being created in the field of AI & Machine Learning. The speaker highlighted the Future prospects of AI and how it will impact the education and the job market in the coming decade.