AI Lecture Series

Classification & Estimation Using Artificial Neural Network

Speaker : Prof. Dinabandhu Bhandari

Date : June 8, 2018 (Friday at 6 PM - 7:30 PM)

Venue : J-3, Block-GP, Sector-V, Kolkata 700091


Details : Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are currently a "hot" research area in various fields - from medicines to modelling parts of the human body, recognizing diseases from various scans, recognition of speakers in communications, undersea mine detection, texture analysis, three-dimensional object recognition, hand-written word recognition, facial recognition & a lot more.
It is believed that they will receive an extensive application to biomedical systems in the next few years.

Since neural networks are best at identifying patterns or trends in data, they are well suited for prediction or forecasting needs including:

  1. Sales Forecasting
  2. Industrial Process Control
  3. Customer Research
  4. Data Validation
  5. Risk Management