Is AI The New Electricity?

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Speaker : Mr. Amitabha Ray

Date : July 06, 2018 (Friday at 6 PM - 7:30 PM)

Venue : J-3, Block-GP, Sector-V, Kolkata 700091

Is AI The New Electricity?, 6th July, 6pm Onwards

Details : Here's an interesting fruit for thought: It took nearly 60 years for telephones to reach 40% penetration and 75 years before they became ubiquitous. Smartphones, on the other hand, accomplished a 40% penetration rate in just 10 years.

The typical automotive design cycle is about 24 months. Just 5 years ago it was 60 months.

The world is moving faster than ever before! Moore's Law states that computing power will roughly double every two years. But advances in robotics, analytics, sensor technology, 3D printing and other technologies are "radically accelerating" this pace of innovation, making Moore's Law look sluggish.

Artificial intelligence will be a core technology for the IoT, given its ability to rapidly develop hypotheses to assess the large amounts of data produced by these devices.

A.I. systems may reach "super-intelligence" in less than 30 years, meaning any intellect that greatly exceeds the cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest.

Is India ready to embrace #AI? Are we ready to be world leaders in #AI, by being early starters, just like we did with the #IT boom of the early 90s?

Discover the exciting world of #AI, how can you & your organization adopt it & how can you take the lead in #AI at our #AIFridays Lecture series - Is AI the New Electricity?

This week on #AIFridays, we will have Mr Amitabh Ray, Managing Director, Ericsson Global Services, India.